Orca whale who carried her dead calf 17 days lets it go, ending ‘tour of grief’

first_imgKOMO via ABCNews.com(FRIDAY HARBOR, Wash.) — Grieving Orca whale who hold on to her dead calf for more than 2 weeks, has let go of the dead body of her offspring.The 30-year-old southern resident killer whale who was spotted pushing the corpse of its short-lived offspring since 24 July, 30 minutes after it gave birth to her baby at least until 17 days later, has finally let go of her dead calf, according to researcher.On the afternoon of August 11, the orca whale, J35, also known as Tahlequah vigorously chased a school of salmon with her pod-mates in mid-Haro Strait in front of the Center for Whale Research for a half mile – no longer carrying the deceased baby that she had carried for at least seventeen days and 1,000 miles, according to Center for Whale Research.Ken Balcomb, founder of the Center for Whale Research who has been monitoring J35 since she gave birth to her short-lived baby, saw J35 again on Sunday. This Monday morning, Balcomb is on his boat to find her to observe her behavior.“I feel much relieve,” Balcomb told ABC News before getting on his boat.“I’m hoping this ordeal is over.”“Her tour of grief is now over and her behavior is remarkably frisky,” Center for Whale Research wrote on its website.Telephoto digital images taken from shore show that this mother whale appears to be in good physical condition following her record-setting ordeal, according to Center for Whale Research.There had been reports from brief sightings by whale-watchers two days ago that J35, Tahlequah, was not pushing the calf carcass in Georgia Strait near Vancouver, British Columbia, the website says. It went on saying that “now we can confirm that she definitely has abandoned it.”Researcher initially planed to study the body of the dead calf to to find out what lead to her death, but the body of the dead baby not seen in the water.“The carcass has probably sunk to the bottom of these inland marine waters of the Salish Sea, and researchers may not get a chance to examine it for necropsy,” the website says.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Orville Higgins | Use sports as a tool against crime

first_imgThe high levels of violence in Jamaica has made me paranoid. It have got to the stage where just going out at night is ­becoming harder. Many of us have become reclusive home bodies. People you know are dying by the gun almost weekly. You cannot help wondering if one day, you too, will end up on the wrong side of a bullet. Crime can no longer be seen as the job of the government and, by extension, the police. We all have a vested interest in seeing it go away. My suggestion from my little corner is to make a dramatic step to help use sports as some kind of social tool to lessen crime. I would advise the powers that be to go on a massive programme to use sports programmes and sports institutions to try to alleviate crime. My premise is simple. I strongly believe that social norms inherent in the world of sports, e.g. fair play and team spirit, might foster pro-social behavioural patterns and help reduce aggressiveness among our delinquent juveniles. It is my belief that the biggest reason why young men commit heinous criminal acts in Jamaica is their inability to control their anger, and I cannot think of too many human endeavours ahead of sports that teach people how to function around people while controlling their anger. So every Member of Parliament should ensure that there is a ­constant stream of corner league football and cricket and basketball competitions in their constituency. The more the merrier. As one ends, another one begins. The Government should buy the balls, get the jerseys, pay for the officials and the upkeep, or creation, of small venues for this very purpose. The State should provide cash incentives to winning teams and outstanding players. And for those who are not sprightly enough to play, the State should organise and sponsor more domino competitions. Throw in ludo and draughts and chess too! GIVE THEM A CHANCE Give the youth all over the country, especially in the inner cities a chance to be looking forward to matching their skills against others. It may help to stop them killing off each other. It might be expensive. So what?! Somebody once said that if you think education is expensive, try ignorance! Not doing something like this may cost us more in the long run. What is the cumulative cost effect of multiple daily deaths? If this helps fewer people being slaughtered, then it would be worth it. The State pays millions to fund the state of emergencies. It is still debatable to what extent those are working. We need to try other things even if we are also doing some of the things we are doing. Trying to use sports on this massive scale to help curb crime is a desperate measure, but we are in desperate times. Sports has the potential to assist with skill development and social integration, giving young people a sense of belonging. A youngster who feels important and appreciated by a community is less likely to lead a life of crime. It may be a far stretch to use sports in this exaggerated way to curb arguably the nation’s biggest problem, but what do we have to lose? We have tried everything else, and to a large extent, everything has failed. Barring divine interventions, sports may be the answer.last_img read more

Scrum schools rugby ends on high

first_imgRugby Union BY BENNY GETENG The SCRUM rugby union school carnival ended on a high note on Saturday with teams from various primary and secondary schools from Lae and the districts in Morobe participating. More than 1000 students participated in the two-day event – one of the biggest school competitions held in Lae this year. In the secondary school girls under 17 division, Lae Secondary School proved too strong to be crowned the 2018 champions after beating Lae International while Busu Secondary settled for third placing. SCRUM development manager Robin Tarere said the event was successful despite some room for improvement in the administration and timing of school teams attending matches. He said they will adjust the structure of the tournament next year that will see a chance for all regions to send teams to participate. “We plan to take the sport to other districts of Morobe, including Finschhafen and Tewae-Siassi but due to limited funding and logistics, we will try to reach these districts in 2019,” Tarere said. “If we capture a major sponsor for the tournament next year, we will strive to include teams from Port Moresby, Madang and Eastern Highlands that will set the pace for junior development of the code in the country.” He said the event would not have been successful without the support of various people and companies including Lae Biscuit Company, Prima SmallGoods, Chemcare, Panamex Pacific, the Lae media team, SCRUM volunteers, Angau medical staff, school principals along with head teachers of participating Schools, Morobe education division, the PNG Sports Foundation, parents and the public. “We will try to host the carnival in the term two academic calendar holidays so that schools can come and participate,” Tarere said. “Parents of children playing to are encouraged to come in and support the event next year, since their efforts will boost their children to prosper in the code.” While thanking the efforts of Joseph Wamapiri (junior development officer) and Som Geo (schools development program coordinator), he said their aim was to allow mass participation of the code in all schools of Morobe and eventually the other regions. “All sports can be successful with an effective junior development program,” Tarere said. “From as early as the age of 6, children can participate in a sport and over time they can become professional players that will eventually lift the standard and skill of any code they participate in.” He said SCRUM has an active junior development program for schools and teachers in Lae District and have extended the program to Markham and Bulolo districts with other districts to be captured hopefully in 2019.last_img read more

DOT Truck Flips in Greene County

first_imgPolice say there was about 2 inches of snow on the roadway when the accident happened.Laughlin was trapped inside the truck from the seatbelt, but had was not injured.The truck did dump its load of salt when it flipped.Assisting at the scene were personnel from the Greene County Ambulance Services and Center Township Fire Department. An Indiana Department of Transportation snow plow truck overturned on State Road 45 early this morning.According to a Greene County Police report, 58-year-old Rickey Laughlin, of Odon, was traveling north on State Road 45 plowing the roadway when the INDOT owned 2003 Ford Sterling truck overturned near the intersection of Dotson Road about 12:19 a.m., this morning.last_img read more

PutPlace Launches Public Beta

first_imgHowever, despite this lack of supported web services at the moment, one of PutPlace’s better features is its ability to monitor specified folders on your computer and auto-publish them to sharing services. With this option turned on, you can have PutPlace setup to push all your pictures to flickr without having to manually use flickr’s uploader tool. For those that publish a lot of pictures to flickr, this feature could be a huge timesaver. The Desktop SoftwareSetting up the desktop software is easy enough to do and there’s even an online Quick Start Guide with screenshots to walk you through the process. There are other online guides and a FAQ available from the service’s help page. Configuring folders to auto-publish must be done from the web interface to PutPlace, not the desktop software, which honestly took me a couple of minutes to realize after exploring all the options in the desktop software’s menus. Last year, we told you about PutPlace, an online application designed to help you manage all your digital media. PutPlace isn’t just your usual file backup service, though – it also provides web access to your files while allowing you to track where you’ve stored those files online. That’s because in addition to setting up files and folders to be backed up, you can also add “web places” to the PutPlace service, which lets PutPlace track where your files are online at web storage sites like flickr, for example. What It DoesYesterday, PutPlace’s service launched into public beta. With this launch, Windows users (for now – Mac is coming later) can create an account and set up the folders they want backed up on their home computers’ using the PutPlace desktop software. The software is not restricted to a certain number of machines, either. It can be – and should be – installed on all the PCs in the home. That’s because PutPlace is designed for tracking the various versions of digital files as they move around your personal home network as well as when they make it to various online storage service, like flickr.PutPlace knows that users with several computers in the home often end up with multiple copies of the same file and it can hard to determine which one is the newest. To determine the file versions, PutPlace digitally fingerprints each file with a hash so that it can then track it wherever it goes – whether to your laptop or online. Adding “Web Places”After setting up your folders to be backed up on your home computers, you can then add “web places” to your account. At the time of launch, this is a very short list – only flickr is included, but supposedly, in the future, the service will include other sites as well. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… There’s also the possibility that PutPlace may have to, one day, compete with Windows Live Mesh. Currently only in a “technical preview” itself, this service is really a platform built with standard protocols like HTTP, RSS, REST, ATOM and JSON . While at the moment, Mesh only does sync, storage, web access to files, and remote access to meshed machines, there’s no reason why, further down the line, it could not also compete with the type of service that PutPlace offers. However, all that being said, PutPlace may still be worth a look. Since it is providing free online backup and storage, frugal folks like myself will probably utilize PutPlace’s free service for a while to back up some files in addition to all those we already have spread out across the web on other free storage services. Also, for photographers especially, the tool which auto-syncs files to flickr could make the service beneficial. (That is…if they’re running Windows. ) sarah perez Tags:#Product Reviews#web The Public BetaWhile PutPlace is in beta, the software is free*. (*Up to 2 GB). After the beta period is over, pricing will be determined, but it will be on an pay-for-what-you-use basis. In this early state, some have compared PutPlace to syncplicity without the sync and collaboration. That’s somewhat true except for PutPlace’s emphasis on tracking files and auto-publishing them to web services. Of course, with only one source so far (flickr), that option may only hold limited appeal at the moment. If in the future, PutPlace added more services (and there really are so many today – just think of all the ones you can add to FriendFeed!), then it could become more useful. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

The Growing Cybersecurity Perils of Connected Transportation

first_imgThere exists a direct relationship between our reliance on technology and the potentially detrimental impacts of cybersecurity compromises.  The more integrated and dependent we become as a society on computing, the more relevant the cybersecurity risks become.  Transportation will be the next great test case we face, one which potentially puts our lives at risk.Computing technology is a powerful tool.  One which we are embracing more and more every day in our lives to build, experience, and evolve our world.  Communication, manufacturing, and transportation industries are just a few of the domains being revolutionized.  But as we connect and extend more control to devices which intersect life-safety roles, the cybersecurity weaknesses can play a more visceral role in our lives.  Nowhere will this be more apparent than the changes taking place in the transportation industry.  Our cars, planes, and trains, are becoming smarter, connected, and more autonomous.  For some time, computers have played a passive role in monitoring critical systems in order to optimize or report problems in our transportation devices.  But as we evolve, we demand more.  Nowadays, computers are taking a more active role and given direct access to control vehicle navigation, steering, speed, and braking controls.  Take for example the simple auto-park features in newer cars.  It seems harmless, as it occurs at very slow speeds, but consider the access on-board computers must have to successfully get the vehicle into that tight spot.  The conveyance sensors determine the path, identify obstacles, take control of the steering, acceleration, and braking.  Basically, the computers must access to all the critical functions of the vehicle.  This has the potential for greater efficiency, safety, usability.  But it can equally create disastrous situations.  Researchers are hacking the software, networks, and hardware systems in cars and gaining access to these systems.  What happens when malicious attackers do this to a vehicle?  They could cause a fatal accident.  Now think bigger.  What happens when malicious attackers do this to hundreds or thousands of vehicles simultaneously?  Disaster.  Much of the current vulnerability research is limited to a single vehicle, with the attacker in close proximity.  Recently a 14 year-old hacked a car with $15 worth of off-the-shelf equipment.  Vulnerability experts were able to hack a Tesla Model S to make the doors open while the vehicle was being driven. The researchers are typically inside the vehicle, connecting into a planes controls through the on-board entertainment system or accessing a car’s computers via the diagnostic port for example.  Vulnerabilities also extend to flaws in software doing unexpected things and external control networks such as traffic routing systems.  A crash of an Airbus transport plane has been attributed to a software bug which did a “wipe” of critical engine control data, killing the 4 test crewmembers.  A recent report found hackers could ‘Crash Trains’ using a cyber attack. But this is not where the research will stop.  Cars, trains, and planes are connecting to the Internet and private remote networks in greater numbers.  What is taking place by researchers today with direct access to a vehicle, may eventually be done remotely by a hacker halfway around the world.  Manufacturers, governments, and consumers must think hard about potential consequences, as they may be life-threatening.  This is not a denial-of-service attack making a webpage unavailable.  These are people’s lives at stake and must be approached with the appropriate level of seriousness and forethought.  Consumer Reports recently called on members to pressure Congress for more protections Privacy is also an issue.  An unflattering report from U.S. Senator Ed Markey, evaluated 16 manufacturers and found “a clear lack of appropriate security measures to protect drivers against hackers who may be able to take control of a vehicle or against those who may wish to collect and use personal driver information.”Vehicles today have evolved to become a miniature electronic ecosystem, with nodes, networks, multiple processors, actuators, sensors, input interfaces, and displays.  Each vehicle must have the right architecture, controls, and resiliency to defend itself, just like a modern enterprise.  It is very challenging and largely unexplored territory.The good news is many vehicle companies are concerned.  They are exploring, investing, and working hard to understand the problem.  But we too, as consumers and the government bodies chartered to protect the public, must also be actively involved in the discussion.  We all have a stake in this matter, must set the right expectations, and hold accountable manufacturers to deliver and operate safe products, both at the point of sale and across the vehicle’s lifetime.  The next few years will be critical in setting the stage as manufacturers are pressured by heated competition to deliver new automated capabilities, seek to meet any emerging regulatory requirements, and struggle with making sure their products are safe from ever more sophisticated cybersecurity threats.   We all may be in for a bumpy ride.Twitter: @Matt_RosenquistOpens in a new windowIT Peer Network: My Previous PostsLinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/matthewrosenquistOpens in a new windowlast_img read more

CMA CGM to Continue Pursuing Acquisitions

first_imgzoomImage by WMN French container shipping company CMA CGM plans to continue to look for acquisition opportunities after its plans for merging with German rival Hapag-Lloyd fell through, Reuters reports.Speaking on the sidelines of yesterday’s inauguration of the company’s new flagship, the 20,600 TEU CMA CGM Antoine de Saint Exupery, in the Port of le Havre, the company’s CEO Radolphe Saade, confirmed to Reuters his company was interested in Hapag-Lloyd, but added that the matter was closed now.Potential future targets of the company have not been revealed.Information on CMA CGM’s exploratory approach toward Hapag-Lloyd on a potential merger emerged in July 2018, however, the German company turned down the proposal.Commenting on the consolidation of top-tier carriers like CMA-CGM and Hapag-Lloyd, Drewry said earlier that such a business combination was unlikely as it would probably be challenged by regulatory authorities amid fears of breaking fair competition rules.One of the most recent acquisitions saw CMA CGM buy Brazil’s container shipping line Mercosul Line from Maersk Line.CMA CGM and Maersk Line announced the deal in June as part of Maersk Line’s move to acquire Hamburg Süd, which Maersk finalized at the end of November.The move was preceded by CMA CGM’s acquisition of Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), which operates through the APL brand, a year earlier.When asked about the rising tensions between the U.S. and China and the impact on the company’s business from the spat, Saade said that the trade flow between the two countries remains strong, especially on the Transpacific route. Nevertheless, should tensions further escalate with the introduction of new tariffs, transported volumes are likely to be impacted.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

Cupid endowed with mystery in restored Royal Alex mural

first_imgNumerous theatregoers, gazing upwards at the sounding board — which deflects the sound of the performers on stage towards the audience sitting in the balconies — have also been struck by the magnificently restored mural painted there, titled Venus and Attendants Discover the Sleeping Adonis by Frederick Sproston Challener.But it’s the figure of Cupid that has been cause for a double-take. Advertisement You may come away from the latest production at the Royal Alexandra Theatre with a probing question: what the heck is that large and evocatively shaped object between Cupid’s legs in the mural above the stage?The theatre recently underwent a five-month, $2.5 million facelift, which, among other things, upgraded the seating and restored some of the Edwardian space’s artistic features.The doors reopened Nov. 15 as the Broadway-bound Canadian musical Come From Away began previews before this week’s gala premiere. Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twittercenter_img One recent attendee sent an email to Mirvish Productions asking a rather pointed question.“I looked up at the ceiling and was just wondering . . . what is that ‘thing’ in front of the Cupid-like figure on the far right? My whole row was talking about it,” inquired Marion Coomey, a professor at Ryerson University’s RTA School of Media. Advertisement Facebook Login/Register With:last_img read more

Aurora to go hostile with CanniMed offer after failing to reach deal

first_imgTORONTO – Aurora Cannabis Inc. plans to bypass CanniMed Therapeutics Inc.’s management and go directly to shareholders with its unsolicited all-stock takeover offer, after the company’s board ignored its proposal.The licensed marijuana producer proposed the deal last week and gave the CanniMed board until Friday to respond. Aurora (TSX:ACB) said Monday morning that the board has not replied and it would go ahead with its bid, which it valued at $24 per CanniMed share.Aurora’s executive vice-president Cam Battley said it was “astonishing” that CanniMed’s board has chosen to ignore its offer.“We had initially approached them on a friendly basis, and we wanted to make this a collaborative process,” Battley said in an interview on Monday. “But their refusal to acknowledge this generous offer from Aurora means that we’ve decided to go over their heads directly to the CanniMed Shareholders. They’re the ones that will benefit from this.”Aurora said it has agreements with shareholders representing 38 per cent of CanniMed’s outstanding shares to support its bid, which it says represents a 56.9 per cent premium to CanniMed’s closing price prior to its proposal. Aurora intends to commence the hostile bid this week, mailing a circular to registered shareholders.The offer follows an announcement by CanniMed on Friday that it struck an all-stock deal to acquire marijuana company Newstrike Resources Ltd.Under the Newstrike deal, shareholders of the company (TSXV:HIP) will receive 0.033 CanniMed shares (TSX:CMED) for each Newstrike share held. The companies valued the offer at 50.5 cents per share, based on CanniMed’s share price on Nov. 14 before it disclosed it was in talks to acquire Newstrike, which is backed by The Tragically Hip.CanniMed shareholders would own approximately 65 per cent of the combined company, while Newstrike shareholders would hold the remaining 35 per cent.Aurora called CanniMed’s acquisition announcement “extremely troubling” in light of its offer presented to CanniMed’s board on Nov. 13.“At no point did CanniMed try to engage or otherwise entertain discussions with Aurora regarding the significant offer that had been presented to their Board for CanniMed shareholders prior to entering into the Newstrike Resources agreement,” the company said in a statement Monday.The Newstrike offer “should be considered oppressive to CanniMed shareholders,” it added.Battley called the $9.5-million break fee to be paid by CanniMed to Newstrike a “poison pill” tactic.The transaction is subject to approval from shareholders of both companies during special meetings.CanniMed president and chief executive Brent Zettl said Monday that Newstrike is “our optimal partner” as it looks to participate in the recreational marijuana market, with the July 2018 deadline set by the federal government for its legalization rapidly approaching.Zettl, who would not speak about Aurora during its conference call to discuss the Newstrike transaction, said this was CanniMed’s “initial step” to broaden beyond medicinal cannabis.“We are bringing on board an iconic, recognized brand associated with The Tragically Hip that will have a definite place in the recreational market,” he said.Shares of Aurora rose roughly 6 per cent to close at $5.85 in Toronto. Shares of the marijuana producer are up more than 90 per cent since Nov. 1.Meanwhile, shares of CanniMed closed at $19.71, up more than two per cent, while shares of Newstrike rose nearly 12 per cent to close at $0.57 on the TSX Venture Exchange.last_img read more

Will use Ashwins tips in the World Cup Mujeeb

first_imgNew Delhi: Injury and poor form made it a forgettable IPL for Afghanistan spinner Mujeeb ur Rahman but the time away from the field was well spent as he picked on Kings XI Punjab skipper Ravichandran Ashwin’s brains ahead of the World Cup in England. A shoulder injury meant that the 18-year-old wasn’t at his best during the cash-rich league, getting only three wickets in five games with an expensive economy rate of 10.05 runs per over. “I have learnt a lot having spend quality time with Ravichandran Ashwin in the KXIP set-up. He has given me a lot of useful tips and I am sure that I will execute those plans in the World Cup. During this edition of IPL, my shoulder injury was an issue. But now I am fully fit for the World Cup,” Mujeeb told reporters at a promotional event to announce Amul’s association with Afghanistan national team. Also Read – We will push hard for Kabaddi”s inclusion in 2024 Olympics: RijijuWhile he hasn’t played many matches this year, the best part about IPL according to Mujeeb is the opportunity to bowl at some of the prospective World Cup opponents. “The IPL schedule is so hectic and you are travelling a lot. It’s not that you get a lot of chance to talk about the game. But since you get a chance to bowl in matches where there are batsmen who will be there in the World Cup, it helps a lot,” said the Afghan teenager. Asked if he faced the second season blues, something which was evident as he went for 66 runs in his four overs against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mujeeb attributed it to being part and parcel of cricket. “You will have a few bad days and it’s just that you have to be consistent with your line and length,” Mujeeb said.last_img read more